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Why Choose Us?

We work with life sciences manufacturing clients who are struggling to consolidate, standardize and harmonize their quality management systems enterprise-wide and want to improve their 360-degree view of their overall business quality performance.


Niche expertise.

We’re consulting specialists rather than generalists, focusing our strengths to do a highly effective job for a very specific group of clients needing quality & regulatory compliance and IT services.


Personal service.

We can easily tailor our services to your personal needs.


Creative problem-solving.

We are a quick and effective learners and have outstanding analytical skills to synthesize our thoughts readily in reaching conclusions.


Outstanding communication.

We possess strong communication skills, both orally and in writing, while also having the ability to listen. In addition we provide consultants who speak french or spanish.



We strive for a trust-based relationship, becoming advisors for some of your most critical challenges.

What are our clients saying about us? Read these testimonials to find out how  we have helped other businesses.


Jeff Greer

VP, Enterprise Architectre and IT Strategy at Cardinal Health

December 2, 2015

"Nikki was invaluable in helping us develop portions of our product enablement roadmap - in particular the quality management space. I first became acquainted with Nikki from her independent work on the QMS vendor benchmark survey we used to help our initial evaluation of potential quality vendors. When we sought help from a consulting partner to develop our initial product enablement roadmap, we were incredibly fortunate to have Nikki be part of the team. She was instrumental in helping us work through a variety complex issues related to manufacturing, quality and compliance that were new to our company. With Nikki’s help we were able to develop, recommend and deploy an enterprise quality management system program. Nikki’s counsel and expertise were vital to the development and adoption of the recommendation. Nikki is a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in this space."


Chuck (Charlene)  Walrad

Founder, Davenport Consulting

January 26, 2008

"Unlike most consulting companies, we find experts to meet our clients' needs rather than using whoever is on the bench. Nikki is one of those experts we sought out for a particular client engagement -- part of a huge corporate conglomerate. Nikki far exceeded expectations -- she used her analytical and people skills to deliver a brilliant description of the client's problem and what the client needed, with a convincing elaboration of why they needed it and what the proposed solution would accomplish."


David Topper

President at Goosecross Cellars

November 7, 2008

"Nikki is a tireless worker of great intelligence and skill. She has the ability to ferret out the true essence of the goal and present that information in a realistic, manageable, and measurable plan. Nikki is honest and dedicated to anything she undertakes. She is a pleasure to work with and won't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear to achieve success. These are rare benefits which make Nikki a star performer year after year."

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