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Nikki Willett
CEO & Founder

Principal Consultant -

Quality Systems, Enterprise Consolidation & Technology

Bob Mehta MSQA, MBA, ASQ Fellow

Principal Consultant - Quality Systems & Laboratory, Certified Auditor, Black Belt


The Journey

Founded in 2008 and incorporated in 2016.


A global network of quality and regulatory professionals across industries was far from the initial thought in joining LinkedIn and creating a Group in 2008. Social media at that time was just beginning to focus on business professionals. The industry was thirsty for knowledge about Quality & Regulatory Compliance  and so the group exploded with thousands of people requesting to join every week. The realization set in that this became a true networked community with loyal participants and a growing list of constant  global supporters - research analysts, media, education, ex-regulatory agency subject experts, industry experts as well as members from our Vendor and Job Recruiting community.


This educational venue led to providing a solution to a gap across industries - who are these software vendors that provide Quality Systems? Enter the now Annual Vendor Software Survey and Benchmark Report. This free report helps the community learn what enabling technology is used for quality throughout the product value chain. This and many more activities in the future will continue our passion in spreading the word about Quality.


What about the new Logo? The new Logo is a combination of an infinity symbol and the letter "Q" for quality - inifinte quality! As a quality professional there's always something that needs continuous improvement and  the possibilities are endless.


Our consultant network taps senior quality professionals and technologists from around the globe; well known in their field and for bringing outstanding expertise and value to their clients.


We want to thank our over 111,000 LinkedIn members who have supported us thus far.  

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